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6 Crucial Job Searching Steps Most People Skip
by Julie Rains on 21 March 2012

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After making the decision to look for a new job, most job seekers put together a resumé and then start networking and marketing themselves to potential employers. Naturally, you hope to attract interest and win a job offer as soon as possible.

Fueled with the desire to take positive action quickly, however, you may skip important aspects of your job search. Even if unhurried, you may not realize that figuring out whatyou want in a job and an employer helps you increases your chances of getting hired.

Here are crucial steps that people often miss when conducting a job search. (See also: 10 Outdated Job Search Techniques to Avoid)

1. Defining Your Ideal Job

You may jump into a search without considering what’s best for you because you do not want to limit job possibilities. But even when unemployment stats are high, defining your ideal situation helps to focus your job search. 

Specific areas to consider include:

  • Work content and day-to-day responsibilities
  • Expertise you hope to contribute
  • Duties you’d like to avoid
  • Organization size, structure, and style

Using this information, communicate career goals to your network as well as human resources managers and hiring managers.

2. Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

Many job seekers focus on polishing their resumés and cleaning up their Facebook walls, but neglect their LinkedIn profiles. Remember to do the following:

  • Upload a recent, professional image of yourself
  • Freshen your experience to include projects and accountabilities relevant to your job search
  • Build and expand your network
  • Request and offer recommendations
  • List stand-out stuff about yourself to infuse your personality and drive for excellence into your professional online presence
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